Tramping Snacks

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  • Back Country Cuisine

  • Canterbury Biltong

  • Nothing Naughty

  • The Crafty Weka Bar

  • Jelly Belly Sport Beans

  • Clif Bar
















Snacks should be eaten at regular intervals to keep your energy up. The best approach is to eat your tramping snacks every one to two hours, or when you stop to take in the view. Keep them in an easily accessible spot, such as a hip belt pocket, or an external pocket on your pack. Snacks are going to help keep your body fueled and keep your energy up throughout the day.

Consider your trip and the time of year when planning your meals. If you're heading into winter conditions, you’ll want to bring along more food. Your body will use more energy when it's colder trying to keep warm.

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Canterbury Biltong Venison Biltong

Enjoy Canterbury Biltong Wild Venison Biltong on your adventures

Clif Bar

Designed for maximum Energy, take Clif Bars on your next adventure

Nothing Naughty Request Keto Bars

Take Keto snacks on your trip with the Nothing Naughty Request Keto Protein Bars