Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter


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The Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filter is small, light and easy to use the filter. With a push/pull cap the Sawyer Micro Squeeze is perfect anywhere you don't trust the water source. Weighing  just 56.7g, it fits into your palm and provides 0.1-micron absolute filtration removing 99.99999% of all bacteria and protozoa and 100% of microplastics.


Attach to the included 1-litre drinking pouch, use the included straw to drink directly from a water source, connect to hydration pack tubing or screw onto standard disposable water bottles. Rated for up to 378,541 litres! It can be cleaned and reused almost indefinitely with no expensive cartridges to replace. Ideal on any adventure or as part of your emergency preparedness kit.


Removes/Destroys Bacteria, Protozoa, and Cysts, including E. Coli, giardia, vibrio cholerea, Salmonella typhi, and microplastics
Average Weight 56.7g

Micron Absolute Filtration: Sawyer water filters contain a high number of tiny ‘U’ shaped hollow fibre micro-tubes that trap contaminants while allowing decontaminated water to freely pass through at a high flow rate – eliminating the need to store water and reducing the possibility of water contamination after the filtration process. The Sawyer Micro is certified for 0.1 micron filtration, meaning there is no pore size larger than 0.1 micron in size. This makes it impossible for harmful bacteria (like salmonella or leptospirosis), protozoa, or cysts like E. coli, Giardia, Vibrio cholerae, and Salmonella typhi to pass through the filter. All Sawyer water filters meet or exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended removal rates.

All Sawyer filters are air tested three times before leaving their production facility to ensure no pathogends can slip through their filter fibres.


Can be cleaned and reused almosed indefinitely with no expensive cartridges to replace. Sawyer recommends backwashing and sanitising the filter after every outing for optimised use.


  • Ideal for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting, domestic and international travel and emergency preparedness
  • The Micro provides 0.1 micron absolute filtration and removes
    • 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera, leptospirosis, and E.coli
    • 99.9999% of all protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium
    • 100% of microplastics
  • High performance filter fits in the palm of your hand, weighs 56.7g and filters up to 378,541 litres (100,000 gallons – 30 times more than comparable filters)
  • A proper backwashing can restore up to 98.5% of the filter’s flow rate
  • Attaches to included reusable drinking pouch, standard disposable bottles (28mm thread), hydration packs or use the straw to drink directly from your water source
  • Kit contains:
    • 1 x Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filter with push/pull cap
    • 1 x 1-litre Reusable Squeeze Pouch
    • 1 x Drinking Straw
    • 1 x Cleaning Plunger (Syringe)
    • Cleaning Coupling
    • Spare Gasket
    • Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions
  • Note that this system does not filter out viruses – to be aware of while traveling anywhere this could be an issue


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