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The Primus ETA Lite stove system is an all-in-one gas stove for lightweight trips. The unique locking mechanism makes it very sturdy and thanks to the Laminar Flow Burner Technology, the stove has a lower burner than would otherwise be possible, resulting in a more stable, lighter and compact stove.

Able to boil a litre of water in under 3 minutes using the efficient ETA pot (included) and can be converted to allow the use of standard pots/frypans without having to buy extra attachments. The lid cuts cooking time down and keeps all the parts securely in place in your backpack – and can also be used as a mug.
It fits a 100g gas canister along with the burner, support legs etc to take up less room in your pack. (Gas is not included)


  • Height: 130mm
  • Diameter: 100mm
  • Burn time: 59 min on 100 g
  • Season: 3 Seasons
  • Effect: 1500W
  • Boiling time 1l PrimeTech Pot / Regular Pot: 2:45 (0,5 liter)
  • Ignition: Piezoelectric
  • Weight: 355g
  • Volume: 500ml


  • Compact and Silent
  • Wind resistant ETA fuel efficiency (Laminar Flow burner technology and built in pot heat transfer ring/windscreen)
  • Fits the Gas cannister (100g) along with stove, pot support etc inside the pot
  • Lid = cup
  • Insulating sleeve and webbing handle allows the pot to be held even once boiled – also keeps water hot for longer
  • Output: 1500W
  • Piezo ignitor inbuilt
  • Can be used with other standard pots/frypans
  • Boils 500ml of water in 2.45-3 min


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