Primus Essential Trek Pot 1.0L


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The Primus Essential Trek Pot 1.0L is a convenient, easy-to-pack kit at a very affordable price,
which includes a pot, frying pan and two handles.


The 1.0 L pot is made from anodised aluminium and has a slightly thicker base than the sides
of the pot which helps to keep the temperature throughout the pot more even. This minimises the risk
that food will burn and stick to the bottom.
The base also has a spiral pattern which offers good friction against the pot support and for heat transfer.


The frying pan is also made of anodized aluminium and serves as a lid for the pot. It has a non-stick ceramic coating designed for easier cooking.


The Primus Essential Trek Pot 1.0 L includes two handles. One of the handles provides a sturdy grip for the pot and also secures the lid/frying pan for packing. The other handle is used for the frying pan so both the pot and frying pan can be used at the same time, and can be packed inside the pot.


Height: 14.5 cm
Volume: 1.0 L
Weight: 270 g
Diameter: 11.7 cm


  • Anodized aluminum pot conducts heat efficiently and effectively
  • Perfect for lightweight and simple cooking
  • Frying pan/pot lid with ceramic nonstick-coating works as a skillet or keeps heat in while boiling water
  • Spiral pattern on base ensures optimum heat transfer and ads additional grip on stove pot supports
  • 2 adjustable and removable handles allow you to cook or transport pots with ease
  • Comes with a mesh storage bag
  • Fits Essential Trail Stove connected to a 230g canister
  • Invented in Sweden
  • Gas and stove NOT included


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