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No Rush Freeze-Dried Beef Cubes 30g


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Product Details

No Rush Freeze-Dried Beef Cubes are the perfect addition when you need a little extra protein for your cooking in the wilderness.

For outdoor enthusiasts spending long days in nature, you can easily transport ultralight raw beef around with you. Imagine biting into pieces of beef as you enjoy a fire and some peace in the tranquillity of the bush where no one ever goes.

No Rush Freeze-Dried Beef Cubes is a healthy alternative to other types of preserved meat products as the product is 100% natural raw New Zealand beef and contains no additives, preservatives or flavouring. Wow!

Just rehydrate for 15-20 minutes in water to achieve the best texture. You can then add them to any stew or pasta sauce of your liking, absorbing the flavour. The porous structure gives you a unique beefy flavour in every bite!

This product has been designed specifically for fast & convenient cooking at home and for outdoor use.

  • No refrigeration is needed. Just store at room temperature.
  • Just rehydrate for 15-20 minutes with water and the raw beef is ready for cooking use.
  • An ultralight portable source of protein (net weight for each pack is only 60g).
  • Each pack is sufficient for 2 servings, depending on your appetite, and comes in a re-sealable pouch for convenience.