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Lyndal’s Ladle Vegan Coconut Hot Rice Pudding


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So simple and delicious, we all love old-fashioned rice pudding. This instant Hot Rice Pudding is a cosy, quick-fix snack or creamy dessert that's perfect for a chilly day. Or for a refreshing summer treat, you can easily serve it cold, even better is that it is a vegan dessert (or breakfast) for your adventures.

Its an instant dessert, so no need to cook, with good quality and healthy ingredients only, such as raisins, coconut milk, coconut sugar, rice flakes and a special mix of spices. The combination of texture and flavour is so delightful, it'll remind you of the pudding your Nana used to make.

It's quick to prepare and will hit the spot for anyone who likes healthier choices.

It's a healthy, convenient, filling hit in a bowl.

Just add boiling plant-based milk or water, stir, let sit for 4 or 5 minutes and enjoy!

1 Large serve, or 2 Small servings per packet.

There are no preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings in our products, and no extra sugar has been added either. It just tastes great naturally.