Lyndal’s Ladle Cheese & Onion Nourishing Noodles


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Celebrate your love for spiral pasta with a bowl of our beautiful Cheese & Onion Instant Nourishing Noodles. When you’re in the moody for a great hearty flavour combination, this blend is hard to beat. 


The taste will remind you of the classic French onion soup but with the welcoming addition of moreish spiral noodles. Its ready in no time, and it’ll give you an instant feeling of comfort as this flavour is hearty, rich and just a little bit special. 


It’s quick to prepare and will hit the spot for anyone who likes healthier choices.


Its a healthy, convenient, filling hit in a bowl. 


Net weight 75g - 1 serve per packet.



-Empty packet into a large cup, or a bowl

-Add 250ml of boiling water and stir

-Cover with a lid  to keep noodles hot

-Allow to stand for 5-6 mins and stir again before eating


Spiral pasta (durum wheat, salt), Dried cheese (Milk, rennet, cultures, salt), Potato, Onion, Savoury yeast, Garlic, Herbs, Salt & Pepper

Other Information

Contains Wheat & Milk


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