Lindsay’s Freeze-Dried Munchies Banana


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The Lindsay's Freeze-Dried Munchies bananas are packed full of all the nutrition found in the organic bananas grown by Lindsay's Freeze-Dried Munchies in a convenient on the go package you can take any where with you.


They are perfect for lunchboxes, snacks on the go, road trips and the perfect 3 pm slump pick up snack. 


These  Freeze Dried Banana Bites are made from Cavendish Bananas grown at Wamuran in Southeast Queensland using organic growing methods. Our growing method of Bananas ensures they have heightened tast, flavour, and grow with a rich creamy texture. And our Freeze drying process the ‘goodness’ of the Banana which includes dietary fibre and protein.  


From the farm to the packet, inside you will find purely certified organic bananas, freeze-dried to preserve their nutritious benefits without the use of pesticides or chemical preservatives.


Each Freeze Dried banana pack contains the equivalent of 1 daily fruit serve.


Net weight 25g - 1 serve per pack


100% organic Cavendish Bananas


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