Back Country Cuisine Fruit Salad Fusion


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Product Details

Back Country Cuisine's Fruit Salad snacks are freeze-dried to remove water content and lock in flavour and nutrients for a healthy and tasty treat on the run. Gluten-Free.


Net weight 10g - 1 serve per pack


Red Papaya, Yello Papaya, Pineapple, Guava

Nutritional Info

Nutritional Information
                                        Per serve               Per 100g
Energy                            162kJ                    1620kJ
Protein                             0.1g                           1g
Fat Total                           0g                             0g
Saturated Fat                0g                             0g
Carbohydrate Total    8.9g                          89g
Sugars                             7.5g                           75g
Sodium                           12mg                      120mg



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